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Let us make the World a safe place for us and our children to live.

Being associated with the Rubber Industry we have made in-depth studies of the chemicals used both upstream and downstream. Check out Chemical Product dealers in Kerala

The common bactericide used in the plantation for the preservation of latex is Tetra Methyl Thiuram Disulphide (TMTD). It is known that TMTD causes cancer and endocrine related problems. Most of the West have banned TMTD. We in India still keep using it. Why endanger the lives of our colleagues and children? There are safer preservatives available, but we refrain from using them for the sheer greed of larger profits. The is definitely against social commitment.

Similar is the case in the manufacturing sector where Nitrosamine generating accelerators are widely used. Nitrosamines are said to cause cancer. For a marginal immediate gain let us not close our eyes to the long term ill effects.

We at Associated with our efficient and vibrant R & D team has developed safer chemical combinations for all sectors of the Rubber Industry be it Latex Preservation, Tire, Moldings, Dip Goods or Foam

We are proud that we are leaders in the production of safe chemical combinations.


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