Rubber Chemical Dispersion

Rubber Chemical Dispersion

September 07, 2023 · Neethu Parameswaran Namboodiri

Advantages of using rubber chemical dispersion while making Rubber Products:

  • Number of processes can be reduced. Especially for the start-up industries.
  • Investment can be reduced – Machine, Man, Power.
  • Space utilization can be improved
  • As dispersion’s particle size is very less, the dosage can be reduced.


We produce a wide range of Dispersions like

  • Zinc Oxide
  • ZDEC
  • ZDBC
  • ZMBT
  • Ionol LC
  • LATZ 50% for Latex Perseveration
  • TMTD free Latex Preservative
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Sulphur
  • Industrial Glove Dispersion
  • Rubber Band Dispersion
  • Surgical Examination Glove Dispersion
  • Carpet Backing Dispersion
  • Any custom made Composite Dispersion

Dispersion is produced at Associated using the most modern machinery imported from Malaysia with huge capacity and under the supervision of Rubber Technologist with many years of experience. Our dispersions meet international standards and also we are exporting to few countries.

Specialties of our Dispersion:

  • We give Composite Dispersions
  • The ready to use Composite Dispersions are easy to handle and the quality helps in reducing the quantity of chemicals.
  • The dispersions are prepared with the purest of chemicals whereby they have very low toxicity.
  • We also manufacture any dispersion as per need of the customer. The most common dispersions are the Glove, Industrial Glove, Household Glove, Rubber band, Carpet Backing, Balloon and LATZ for latex preservation.

Industries which uses it:

  • Gloves Industry (Household/ Industrial/ Surgical)
  • Rubber Band
  • Balloon
  • Latex Preservation
  • Carpet Backing
  • Condoms
  • Catheter Industry

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