Extruded Rubber Products

EPDM Rubber

We manufacture all type of Extruded rubber products at our own plant in Cochin, Kerala. We can provide any products according to the requirements of the Customer.

  • EPDM Rubber Hose (Any variants)

> Used inside the cars as water supply tubes for the wiper.

> We can supply any variants in terms of their size (ID and OD)

> Hardness of the tubes are tailor-made for each customers which varies from 60- 75Shore A

> We supply in continuous length as well as in short cut lenghts as per the requirements of the customer.

  • EPDM Protectors :

 >EPDM Protectors/Sleeves are used in the automotive industries as the protectors to the electrical cables and other wirings inside the cars. It protects the cables from tear, heat, oil, dust etc.

>We supply in various sizes based on the ID-OD and length.

>The Hardness is 60-65 Shore A Variants: 11.20x9.20 mm, 10.00x5.30 mm

  • EPDM Cord
  • EPDM Rubber Beadings (For UPVC Aluminum Fabricators - Windows and doors- Mosquito Nets- Bus building, containers)

> We are manufacturing Rubber Beadings in various shapes- O Beadings, U PVC Beadings, Glass Beadings, U Beadings, F Beadings, Fly Screen Beadings Aluminium, U PVC Beadings

> We can also customise the beadings according to the customer specifications.


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