uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC Doors & Windows

May 26, 2023 · Tinu George

In this rapidly changing world the importance of UPVC windows and doors has got its own story. In a way it acts as the face of the ever changing construction industry. While designing or renovating a home or office, the decision to go for wood, aluminum or UPVC windows and doors is always tough nowadays. While considering the popularity UPVC or un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride doors and windows has gained in the recent times, the process to choose one becomes easier. The highly strong/ sturdy UPVC along with toughened glass and extra ordinarily durable EPDM rubber beadings makes a perfect combination to make a strong modern good looking doors and windows.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of UPVC doors and windows.

1.    Durability
UPVC is a very tough, strong and sturdy material which has got extreme resistance to corrosion and other rots, which is very much advantageous for buildings located near the sea shore. It has also got good resistance to UV rays which prevent the material from fading. The ultra-light yet sturdy frames prevent an intruder from breaking in.

2.    Customizable
Tailor-made UPVC products according to customers desired specification is very easy, meaning windows and doors will outfit perfectly into home and offices. Usually comes in white, but is no longer limited to only one color.

3.    Insulation
UPVC windows has got a very good insulation property which prevents conducting heat from outside and are also sound proof which helps in cutting the noise level to a good extent.

4.    Resistance to weather and fire
UPVC provides a much better protection against weather elements, which makes it perfect to use in all conditions. UPVC is also highly resistant to fire compared with its other counterparts. It delays the spread of fire. The high chlorine content of UPVC acts as a natural flame retardant, greatly reducing its combustibility.

5.    Resistant to termites
UPVC being a synthetic product, there is absolutely no necessity to spend on periodical termite control procedures. Termites or any other insects are not drawn to UPVC at all.

6.    Ventilation
The wide variety of window design configurations helps in allowing an efficient ventilation system and adequate air flow into a room. The tilt and turn window layouts is the best example for this, which consists of a two window arrangement that can open in two different directions enabling draft free ventilation.

7.    Maintenance
Unlike wooden doors and windows UPVC doors and windows require less maintenance, as they are not affected rusting, corroding, fading, moisture absorption, etc.
Their excellent resistance to all weather conditions and easy to clean surface makes the maintenance cheaper and easier.

8.    Pricing  
UPVC doors and windows are cheaper when compared to wooden doors and windows.
While choosing the UPVC profiles and glass everyone looks for the brand, its quality etc. The one important thing they don’t take into account is the quality of the EPDM beadings they use. It is the one thing that holds the glass in the UPVC profiles. The durability and life of beadings should match these profiles, if not the maintenance cost will go up as after a certain time beadings will get damaged and will require a replacement. So a good quality, all weather condition resistant, durable EPDM beadings are also an essential part of UPVC doors and windows.


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